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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

how to get free money

                  How to get free money     
            How to get free money in 2018

how to get free money
how to get free money

This is real oppotunities how to get free money in 2018  throught admobaccount , Add application on admob account and get advertisement on application throught admob account ---

1. Make application on any website or application  like appgeyser, applop, struckd, appstudio etc.

2. after make application then you do make create admob account .

3. after create admob account then you do click on left side app and continously you are continue

5.after monetise your application then publish app on google play store

4. you watch on youtube  given below

How to get free money in 2018

how to get free money
how to get free money

how to get free money on blogger

this blogger is earning opportunities in 2018 so please make blog and try to earn money on blogger

there are steps in blogger how make money

1) firstly, sign up on blogger and you do write your information on blog 

2) make post on blog and set the setting for seo

3) buy domain unique on godaddy and another site you want to buy and set your domain name , go to setting basic then set domain 

 4) your article length should be 300 - 500.

 5)  add Privacy Policy on site or add about us , contact us , desclaimer.

6)   then see earnings option left side click on and see orange sign up button you will see it means your blog are ready for adsense approval

7) after apply for adsense you do increase organic traffic to your blog beacause adsense check oraganic traffic if your site under organic traffic then adsense approved fully account 

8) after approval your account then follow seo tricks for your rank post.

9) see seo related youtube channel and follow the rules , rank your post.

                                 How to get free money in 2018

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