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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mayawati's name as next PM pushed at BSP workers' meet, rejects Rahul Gandhi's credentials for high post

Mayawati's name as next PM pushed at BSP workers' meet, rejects Rahul Gandhi's credentials for high post

LUCKNOW: Pushing the name of party president Mayawati because the next Prime Minister of the country, Bahujan Samaj Party leadership sent a curt message to Congress by claiming that Rahul Gandhi wasn't suitable lead the country because it would once more propagate family politics.

Echoing the BSP chief's long standing ambition, senior leaders of the blue brigade gave a clarion decision to party employee in Lucknow on Monday to confirm that 'Behenji' became future PM commutation Narendra Modi.

Holding its initial workers' conference of Lucknow-Kanpur division in urban center on Monday, the national Vice-President of the BSP, Vir Singh and party arranger Jai Prakash Singh, the 2 associates of Mayawati, exhorted the cadre to set for 2019 huge battle.

The leaders, whereas addressing the party staff, place the Congress and also the BJP within the same bracket inculpative each the national parties of stultification folks of the country. therefore BSP supremo's intent to steer any alliance fashioned against the BJP prior 2019 was created amply clear on Monday.

In a shocking distinction to the friendliness seen throughout the swearing-in ceremony of province CM HD Kumaraswamy 2 months agone, the BSP leaders place an enormous interrogation point over the participation of Congress within the prospective SP-BSP grand alliance prior 2019 rejecting Rahul Gandhi's credentials to steer the country.

They claimed that Rahul Gandhi, like his foreign national mother, couldn't nurture a hope to steer the state. offensive family politics, the BSP vp aforesaid that the forthcoming elections would be set not by 'pet' (stomach) however by 'peti' (ballot box).

Sharing party's strategy with party staff, national arranger Jai Prakash Singh aforesaid that entire country needed to check Behenji as PM. comparing her to Lord Ram and Lord Krishna World Health Organization finished Ravana and Kans severally, Singh aforesaid Mayawati would defeat Narendra Modi.

Taking associate indirect jibe at UP CM Yogi Adityanth, BSP national arranger Jai Prakash Singh aforesaid had the temple been powerful enough, the clergymen wouldn't have left them to simply accept chief ministership of the state.

He referred to as Mayawati a living deity of lots. Drawing a wierd inspiration from German Nazi, the party vice-president told the cadre to be as stubborn and focussed because the dictator was to fix party's fortune in 2019. it should be recalled that BSP had didn't even open associate account in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

However, in Monday's conference, every employee of the party was asked to hold out a door-to-door campaign to induce a minimum of one new person to affix party day by day.

"You all got to tell folks everything that Behenji has in serious trouble the folks as UP CM," aforesaid Vir Singh. throughout his speech, party MLC BR Ambedkar compared this political equation thereupon of 1993 once the then SP Chief Mulayam SinghYadav and BSO founder president Kanshi Ram had joined hands to throw the BJP out. in an exceedingly robust message to OBCs, a section that BJP has been attempting to woo lately, the BSP leaders claimed that OBCs were being taken for a ride by the BJP which they ought to not repeat their mistake of selection for the BJP once more in next election.

However, going back on its social engineering strategy, the party leadership tried to stay the higher castes in good temper in addition by expression it absolutely was not against Brahmins and different higher castes and had worked for them in addition. future workers' conference within the series would be command in Azamgarh, Jhansi, Gorakhpur, Faizabad, Meerut, Moradabad and city.