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Saturday, July 21, 2018

'Bobby Lashley Takes One Step nearer to Meeting Brock Lesnar in Brooklyn'

'Bobby Lashley Takes One Step nearer to Meeting Brock Lesnar in Brooklyn'

Bobby Lashley can got to beat Roman Reigns an additional time to clear his path for Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

Lashley won Raw's second triple threat match on weekday for the correct to face Roman Reigns next week with a bid to SummerSlam on the road. Lashley hit Elias with a spear even as Seth Rollins had been force from the ring. 3 seconds later, Elias was fastened and Lashley earned  his second huge finish in as several nights.

Many fans were crossing their fingers for Rollins to nab this finish and endure the pin Reigns next week in a very protect brethren contest. However, it's like Rollins can got to take the long road to become Universal Champion.

For Lashley, this is often another clear indication that WWE is building him. Given the actual fact that he simply cleanly beat Reigns at Extreme Rules, it appears unlikely that he'll notch a second finish over the massive Dog. However, we'll got to wait and see.

Reigns and Lashley had a pleasant enough match at Extreme Rules, the bout was one overtly protested by the metropolis crowd. Fans have long rejected Reigns, however Lashley additionally appears to be addressing a disconnect. whereas he is definitely doing his best work since his come, it simply does not want Lashley is prepared to face across from Lesnar.

Regardless of WHO wins next week, fans are going to be sad. however a discontent fanbase has ne'er stopped WWE from doing something. there is an out of doors probability WWE makes the SummerSlam match a triple threat, however that will very little to unravel any quantity of fan apathy.

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